!The Day In The Life Of Amy’s favourite Toy!

I sit in Amy’s bed for most days,sometimes I go downstairs.Wherever Amy stays overnight I do to. I love it when she sleeps as she cuddles me all night .

My best friend is called Love Love Woof Woof who belongs to Amy’s best friend Millie.

Whenever Amy is sad she sits down and gives me hugs. Whenever she is happy she gives me lots of love.We have a close relationship ,We can’t be parted. She got me when she was little (I was her 2 toy) she says that when she is older she will still have me ? I love my life With Amy and I always will.

4 thoughts on “!The Day In The Life Of Amy’s favourite Toy!”

  1. Amy this story is amazing its so good I had to read it twice well done keep it up.

    From Poppy

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