The Day in a Life of an iPad

Hello I am an iPad and I get used every day. A boy uses me all the time And I am Tired of being used. He dose the least by charging me, He dosen’t even wipe my screen very often. So I wrote a letter to him.                                                                                                                                                                                                          The letter said : Dear Mattis please wipe my screen and give me a rest for a bit. I am getting tired of running all your games. That is why I glitch a lot.      your Friendly friend Huddle.                                                                                                 

  Dear Mattis                                                                                                                                Hello There I am wii u please give me a break, please play with iPad I am tired of spinning the Minecraft disc in my mouth.                                               Your tired friend Wii u.

Mattis did not know what to do but he replied to the letters. His reply was : 

Dear Huddle and Wii u                                                                                                                I will both give you a rest by reading a book today. I am open to suggestions.  I Hope you have a nice rest. Your very caring Friend Mattis.

 So that was that, they got a nice rest and they were happy !