The Day in The Life Of a Laptop

On Monday morning I could hear the owner come through the door I really wanted to be turned on but he was just checking us.In the afternoon the owner came and turned me on.It was quite rude because the owner never said good morning to me . I got cleaned really well which made me excited for the day.About 20 minutes later the whole school came in and a class had a session and I  was picked up by a boy and he was hurting me by tapping on my keys extremely hard  I felt useless.People chuck me around the table and scratch my body.But coming to the end of the day I  got shut down but before that happened the owner watched some you tube and I got scared because they always stare at you. After the lights got turned of it was  bed time for me I deserve a rest.

One thought on “The Day in The Life Of a Laptop”

  1. That was funny Amelia, It was cool when you said people were scratching my body.
    Keep up the good work

    From Nicola M

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