®The Day in The Life Of a phone.®

      Hi, today  was a tiring day my owner kept on turning me on. My owner’s house is so big that I get lost nearly everyday! Before she went to school she turned me on and watched youtube which to me is boring cause I can’t watch it because it’s on my body and I only have one eye which I take pictures of other things. I was feeling sad while she was watching because my friend (mums phone) he had his screen smashed and he felt useless because he was replaced by a bullying iPhone X . I don’t like him. Oh no it’s the time when my owner comes back from school. She is home and she is playing Roblox on me. Next, she opened up these random apps called Instagram, Snapchat, Musically. I was so fed up I feel like I want to quit being a phone. I have 3% and she still is playing on me. I bet she is going to charge me when I die so I’ll go have a lovely rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!