A Day In The Life Of Snow.

Last  Monday, I was falling in the park  I love it when I glide down and go back in the air until I need to snow again but what I really hate is when little humans pick me up and throw me! Can you believe it they throw me, and I hit another human but, the only humans I like is the ones that build out of me. And what I really like is that they put  me in a really tall place of what they are building.

The other thing I don’t like is that humans let their beasts pee on, ME and tread on me it’s so painful. But what I hate the most is when humans lay down on me and I cover them they go inside and I…….melt I know it is so dreadful I have died a million times but luckily I reproduce in the sky.

2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Snow.”

  1. That was cool, It could be better if you but in comma where it said ( But what i hate the most is when) because that sentence is a bit long, don’t you think. Keep up the good work though Fintan

    From Nicola M

  2. Fintan, cool story that was so funny when you put
    Humans let their beasts pee on me.
    tat made me laugh hard.

    From Nicola M

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