The day the monkey was angry

Hi i have a pet monkey its currently snowing outside but we cant go out because its to cold.Oh and if i havent said my monkeys name is Sam and he is very naughty.I just went in the kitchen and Sam was having  a meltdown he was throwing his computer across the room in anger.He is angry because there is no wifi and he needs to do his 100wc.He threw it across the room because he thought that  would be a good idea but it wasn’t.If i was Sam i would be so mad and upset.Okay i have to go to help Sam now bye read episode to to find what happens next ….

4 thoughts on “The day the monkey was angry”

  1. Hi Amelia,

    A really nice story; a good use of the prompts. The story reminds me of a comedy film when someone owns an exotic animal that does all sorts of silly things. I can relate to this as I remember watching such films when I was younger. I like the way you immediately introduce why the monkey is inside, ie the fact it is snowing. This really grounds the piece. His reaction to the wifi being off is also really funny. It gives him almost a human personality – although they do say that monkeys are very similar biologically to humans. The inclusion of him doing his 100WC is also a very unique idea. Good use of grammar and punctuation, especially your use of the ellipsis. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Jusden, thank you for the comment it reminds me of a comedy film or something like that too I really appreciate the comment thank you !!


  2. Great job! I like the way you incorperated the 100WC into your story. Do remember that I is capital if by itself, no matter where in the sentence. another thing I like about your story is that itis kind of like a entrie to a journal or a script for a movie. I say that because you are talking directly to the audience/people reading your story. Keep up the good work!

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