A day in the park is not always what you expect

One day I was walking in the woods when I saw a sign it said ghoul this way “thats a load of rubbish there is no such thing as ghouls,” I chuckled . I carried on following the signs then I saw it exactly it is just some metal to look like a ghoul . When I spun round it was in my face  I screamed , I ran as fast as my legs could go I wish iI would of stayed at home I did not want to look behind me so I just kept running all the way home not again .

One thought on “A day in the park is not always what you expect”

  1. Good work! I like how you desribed your character’s tone of voice by saying that he chuckled. If you could have wrote this into a whole story would the ghoul spook you again or do anything else? Do not forget that even inside dialouge sentences begin with capital letters. I can’t wait to see next weeks post of yours!

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