the day we went on holiday

On night new went to the airport to catch are flight that was in the morning at 7:00am in the morning we got on are flight we were on the plane for hours finally we landed then we at the airport so what lies ahead then we got a taxi to the lovely hotel it had a pool a. Back garden on day we went to the beach we ran into the sparkly wavy water after that we got Icecream for the children and headed back to the hotel and we got into the  pool.In the morning we went to the shops.

                                      The End

One thought on “the day we went on holiday”

  1. Dear Tobias,

    I like how well you described what you did at the hotel and what the hotel looked like in the story. I also liked how you . I would suggest added more capitalization and punctuation. Overall, your story was great!

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