Dear crayons

Dear Orange crayon and Yellow crayon,

I’m shocked because both of you have fallen out over a tiny thing. I agree with both of you because the sun can be any colour.

Haven’t seen the sun at sunrise. Its orange but the sun is yellow. I  can use what ever colour I want.

who cares what colour the sun is. I can use black but black isn’t the true coulur of the sun. But I’m going to use both of you.

Other people use black for the sun. If I want to use yellow I will use yellow but if I want to use orange I will use orange.

At sun rise the sun is orange. Who cares what coulur the sun is I don’t.

Your friend


2 thoughts on “Dear crayons”

  1. Dear Mia,

    Hi, I liked your story, because your vocabulary was unique which made me understand what was happening. If I had a wish for you it would be to double check some of your spelling.
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    All the best,

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