Diary Of Nia’s Adventure’s. Ghost City.

I am writing another diary.
So one day I was on my computer when all of a sudden my computer and everthing that was run by electrisity shut down. My mum told me,’It is a power cut and I need to go outside and play.’. I was so angry with her when she said it that I stomped out of the room and into the garden. I remembered that my mum had told me a story about her mother who had lived in this house and had had an adventure. I remembered what words i have to say. So I chanted them here they are’bibbed bobbed boo’ After that I walked inside and found out that every one in my home was a ghost!

2 thoughts on “Diary Of Nia’s Adventure’s. Ghost City.”

  1. Dear Nia,
    This is my favorite story that I read of your’s. I like how you continue the diaries, and I can’t imagine the fright the girl was in. Even if I was angry with my mom, I would be pretty frightened if she turned into a ghost. I also think you did something cool with the prompt that I haven’t seen anyone else do yet. Awesome Job!
    -Maya E. Grade 5, MR School, Illinois, USA

    1. Why thanks Maya. I am glad that you like how I write more diaries. Do you want me to write more?
      Nia K

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