Difficult Grace

One day there was a girl her name was Grace. Grace was difficult girl she always mad things bigger then they needed to be and over agsagerrate evrything.So that day her mum was so fed up so she told Grace that she  shouldn’t twist everything Just then,Grace took the advice and didn’t over agsagerate thing Just after that, Grace went shopping with her mum and two sisters Grace brought a purple dress  then she  got worried because she thought that she didn’t like the dress so then Graces mum went to a professor and Grace went out .Graces two sister’s helped her to not twist things there was a couple of times that she did but not all.

One thought on “Difficult Grace”

  1. Hi.My name is Isabella.I go to school at Stillwater Elementary School.Home of the Warriors!!!

    I really liked the part when u talk about her mum being opsesed with everything.I thing u should have explain more about her mum.Other than that,u did a really good job!! Keep up the good work!!!

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