Doggies Who Were Hungry

On a warm spring day there was a farm and two doggies. They were very hungry and their owner hadn’t given them their food. The doggies were just running in the garden when their owner came out with a bowl of food. But it wasn’t dog food it was normal food. The owner hadn’t got them their food. They barked and barked in front of his face but he still just ate his food. At midday the owner came out again. This time with another bowl of food. It was dog food but in a tyre. Then the owner came out again with a tyre of water. The dogs ate and drank everything and lived happily ever after.

One thought on “Doggies Who Were Hungry”

  1. Wonderful story, Natalie! You used great paragraph structure and passages of time while telling your story. You also taught me to take good care of animals, because they have feelings just as we do!

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