Down The Drain!

Oh no, I have fallen down the drain and I’m stuck. I cried for help but know one came, I saw rats running around by my feet and the smell was horrible. I know I had to get out of here. I tried to wriggle up the pipe but it was no use, it was to small. Then suddenly I saw daylight up ahead I tried with all my might and finally my body came free from the pipe and I was on the roof of my house! How was I going to get down. There it goes my best heir bow…


4 thoughts on “Down The Drain!”

  1. Hannah,

    What a conundrum! You have a unique voice. Keep it up.

    You set up the story well. I like the way choose what is coming out the drain pipe. There are some misspells like heir instead of hair, know instead of no. But these are easy mistakes to make.

    Happy writing.

  2. Well done Hannah. I don’t know wether this was a typo or not but hair is spelt with an a not an e!

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