The enchanted emerald sword of doom.

from part one the Dark lord rose looking for the enchanted emerald sword of doom . The little brothers are soon going to save the WORLD!

Inside the little cottage James, Adam and Mattis and their dog Flash were up in their bedroom frightened but tired they went to bed but soon were woken up by a shout of grim laugh they looked out of their window and soon found out they were looking at the dark lord. Scared they crept downstairs and opened the door quietly and creeped into their big hurricane shelter they swiched the light on went to sleep hearing once more the dark lords laugh and looked down to check on him but instead they saw inn Flash’s place was the DARK LORD “mwhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa” screamed the dark lord. to be continued…

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  1. You need to improve on were you put your full stops it’s very breath taking except from that I like everything else well done from Aiden

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