The end of the world!!!!!!OR IS IT part

One day there was farm, lived a red snake his name was called Jim,he loved his clock. Even if his clock was stolen Jim would search for the thief, One day there was a button near the clock, Jim looked at the button and then there was a “BOOM” a letter appeared.Jim opened the letter it said” the world will end if u push this button” a person came in and started to speak snake “gdhfhdhfbejfbe hdbf” Jim said meany ” Ha ha ha i all ready pressed it Ha ha ha”.  the person said ” oh no you are a disgrace . 



2 thoughts on “The end of the world!!!!!!OR IS IT part”

  1. hi Nicola,
    i really liked your piece. i really liked the part where the person pushed the button. question, what did Jim say when he said gdhfhdhfbejfbe hdbf?

  2. Hi Nicola why is your writing so amazing ! keep it up I love all of your stories

    Amelia D !

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