The escape of the ferocious tiger!

One peaceful evening a boy named Jack came home from the zoo, London Zoo but when he came through the exit he saw something unusual. The night his parents went to bed early he snuck out the house to the zoo but when he got there he saw the thing again he was scared but also exited he realised  that the animal on the loose was no goodie goodie it was bad he ra and ran but when he got to the exit he became as frightened as can be the tiger had blocked his escape there was no way out… A week later he woke he remembered nothing the docter said ‘ you were very brave Jack but  let the pros handle it next time but all the tiger did  was.. eat your arm  sorry for you Jack’ soon Jack was as good as new he could do anything he used to.


4 thoughts on “The escape of the ferocious tiger!”

  1. Good Job!
    I liked how the story went from just peace to a little more intense feeling.
    I think you made a good choice on having him knocked out so the reader is lefties on a cliffhanger, and also so you can move on with the story. I did notice you had a few spelling errors though.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I really liked your story. I liked it because it had some really intense parts and it made me see it in my mind so I thought it was really nice. I also liked how it was really calm and then it became intense.

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