Escape Temple!!!

I was just going to the temple fair and I went inside one temple and said,” Oh no I’m stuck!” It said on the map that I had to complete a monkey puzzle which was sticky, slippy and gooey. After I did that I found out something that there was a tiger and the tiger was blocking our escape and then my two friends came and saved me they were called Nicola and Amelia. Then it was time to go home and it was disgusting but great and funny. It was bed time now but adventures are great fun Cya.

2 thoughts on “Escape Temple!!!”

  1. Nice Nika! Just make sure to use punctuation and to use it correctly! Talk about temples, my story was kind of like that, so check it out if you would like to!

  2. Hi Nika, you story is so cool! Do you like tigers,my best friend does. I like how you had a time change in your story, though it did make it a little confusing for me. That goo sounds so gross I wonder whaat it was and I loved how you described the “sticky, slippy gooey.” it made me laugh. where does the temple fair take place and when does it take place? what has been you favorite promte? I like the one with the alligator and the purple word one. I can’t wait to read more of your story! keep writing on!
    Cecilia from Illinois in Mrs. rays class
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