Face on the hand

On top of a building there was a very creepy hand. Litteraly it just sat there all day. It was so creepy my kids wouldn’t even go out of the house. One day I was listening to the news when I heard them say they were gonna get rid of this hand. The thing was only people who went outside at midnight would know this , that every night the hand would disapear into fin air nobody knew what to do. The next day when I went outside the hand wasn’t there. There was a message on my phone from my friend she said the hand was gone ,FOR GOOD!

3 thoughts on “Face on the hand”

  1. Hi Amy, I really enjoyed your post. I like your idea for the prompt. However, you could have left a cliffhanger like the hand was gone, for good, or was it.
    Your post was very good. Keep Blogging!

  2. Nice story, Amy! I like the idea that you are an adult. I like how you described the weird hand. I wonder where they took it.

  3. Wow, Amy, this used the genre of horror very clearly – your story really made me wonder what it would have been like to live across the road from this hand on the roof. Not very pleasant at all. It was good that you set the scene clearly then added an element of mystery with the hand disappearing sometimes into thin air. I do hope it is gone for good or should I say FOR GOOD. I can see you are trying very hard with punctuation and are using a variety of types. Keep up the effort – I look forward to reading more of your stories.

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