One day, there was a girl named Chloe. Chloe was excited because she was going fishing for the first time so downstairs her mum was making sandwich’s. Chloe jumped energeticaly downstairs and said to her mum “hurried” . “Chloe get the battery and the white touch”Chloe’s mum shouted up . They finally arrived at the spot and got out all the suff for fishing and they set up.It was about time for lunch so Chloe got out all of the sandwich’s and shoved all of the sandwich’s in her mouth because she was so hungry and then asked if there were any more. After, a long day they pack up a went home.Chloe had a great day .

3 thoughts on “FISHING TRIP”

  1. Good Job! I liked how you included some words that showed that Chloe really wanted to go fishing. I like how you used dialogue and showed that the characters were speaking.
    I hope Chloe catches a big fish!

  2. Well done poppy.I like how you described how exited Chloe was feeling about going fishing. Great job.

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