Hi, I am a flame and I have a weakness this is how I got my weakness.

I was once at a swimming pool and I was just watching because I was the life guard. I didn’t know that it was a silly idea because of my weakness but I didn’t know I had a weakness yet. So there was this little girl that could not get back in to the shore so I had to save her. I jumped into the water and I suddenly got really cold. I wanted to go back to the shore but I knew that I had to save her. I got out of the water but I was white. Everyone was celabrating except for me. I was thinking what am I going to look like tomorrow………?

2 thoughts on “Flame”

  1. Hi Nia!
    I like how you made the prompt words bold so they were easy for the reader to find. I also like how you left me wondering what the flame looked like tomorrow. I really like your writing again, and it was really enjoyable.
    -Maya E.

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