Freya and Harriet!

This is a post with my friend Harriet. We are in year 5 our teacher is Mr Murphy. I love love horses, my guinea pigs Chocolate and Fudge, the racehorse that couldn’t gallop and I do not have a fave movie. Hi I’m Harriet, I like my dog George, cats, unicorns, monkeys, my fave movies are Goosebumps, Sing,  Trolls and Ghostbusters (both versions). We are BFF’s we like to play ninjas and karate. The clubs I go to are Brownies, horse riding and ballet. Harriet goes to street dance. We are keen readers. We like to play with barbies, fimo, squishy toys, shlikes, playmobile. We like to watch clarence, adventure time, dance moms. our fave youtubers are Jojo Siwa, Denis, Corlhorl, alex, subzeroextabytegaming, stampylonglegs, zoella, pointless blog. Bye from us peeps.

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