froggy fun

One day there was a frog called burty and he loved the water.But one day a evil queen called queen meany cursed him.He didn’t like the water he didn’t even like eating flies which was very strange for burty.One day he got out of the pool and looked down at his feet and relised they wern’t webbed suddenly it came to burty that he was turning into a human.Burty was amazed at what he saw.Then his skin went pale and he grew taller and taller until he was a giant to a frog. He opened his eyes and saw people crowding around him thinking about what just happend.Suddenly they all ran away and burty realised why.It was queen meany and her evil army of ants “I see you have found out what my magic can really do”she shouted and went to turn and go back but befor she could burty grabbed her staff and turned him self back into a slimey green frog.queen meany was furious and started to rage at the frog but the staff got taken away and burty lived a long happy froggy life.

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