Ghost In Town

Hello there, I am a majestic ghost so lets start, my name is Barry.I am 3 years old. I have a family but no parents. My mum is alive and so is my dad but when i was 2 months old i died in  the park because i drowned. My nan  takes care of me and so does my grandad cause they are dead and they are both the same age they are 4000000 years old. We once went to the park it was so nice but one day everybody was crying because they missed their family and so did i but what they don't that  in two days we will come to the earth and meet our family and apparently i have a baby brother and it is 12 months.

2 thoughts on “Ghost In Town”

  1. Hi Nika. I enjoyed reading your story – what an unusual idea to have the narrator being a ghost! You have thought the idea through by having grandparents looking after the ghost child. Great use of ‘majestic’ too

  2. Good job with the story Nika! I liked how you used the idea of the ghosts in that way. Remember to use more punctuation!

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