I was walking on the same street as GHOSTS ! I heard lots of voices coming from  different directions saying her name “Poppy” “Poppy” said the wired voice . Later that evening she went to London . Was it just Poppy or was it the people in the street really turing in to ghosts? Now her mum was turning  into a ghost to. This was sad .She decided to run .  Poppy was scared so she ran even faster. Then Poppy found her self in her room she felt like she just woke up. Did she see a real ghost or was it a dream .


5 thoughts on “Ghosts”

  1. Hi Millie! I really liked your post. I like how you set the scene and provided details to where you were. You also made a cliffhanger at the end and did not tell us if it was a dream or not. I also liked how you kept me interested the whole time I was reading. Your blog was great but just remember to use commas when needed. Great Job Millie and remember keep blogging.

  2. Good job Mille! I like how you used Poppy’s Mom. Make sure to use punctuation correctly!

  3. Ooooooh, scary! I really liked your post Millie! I like how you made it a little creepy and how at the end Poppy couldn’t tell if the ghosts were a dream or if they were real. Also, why does Poppy’s mom tur; into a ghost?

  4. Hi Charlie
    Thank you for leaving a comment.I do not know why she turned into a ghost. I had not told the readers that but good reading anyway for you spotted that .

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