one day there was a small ghost he with his mum and dad (which are also ghosts). They lived in a small wooden house just out side of London. when they needed food they went to the supermarket in the center of London and secretly stole some liquid food ( ghosts can’t eat solid food because they are not solid them selves) . One day when they went shopping they met another ghost called john which was experimenting with chemicals and trying to make a soldifing potion so that they were humans again and after a month of experimenting it worked. The first ghost who tryed it was him self and then it was the family’s turn and the all the ghosts got set some and the the ghosts which are now humans lived happily ever after

2 thoughts on “Ghosts”

  1. Your story was very interesting Mattis! You really put the information of how the ghosts felt sad that they were not solid. They had to steal because they couldn’t hold and couldn’t eat solid food. But then you put in a twist and showed how happy they were when they were human again.

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