Gi Gis Worst Nightmare!!!!!!

“Omg a big spider cool!” I said. Hi my name is Fath and I have a younger sister who I such a girlly girl her name is Gi Gi short for Ginny. “Aaaaaaa Fath help me there is a spider at the front of the school”. said Gi Gi. “Ok ok  Gi Gi calm down we all know so I think you should calm down and take a bubble bath.”I said. “why a bubble bath.” said Gi Gi. “because you are bubble.” I said. Ha ha very funny my name is bugs bunny. said Gi Gi. “Good  it is gone”.

One thought on “Gi Gis Worst Nightmare!!!!!!”

  1. great job! My name is Ryan from guilderland elementary school USA. I like how how you showed emotion in your story when you showed how Gi Gi felt. Remember to check grammar!

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