Going fishing with my Uncle

Hi my name is Amelia and my uncle is Sam.One morning my uncle came to my house and suprised  me with a trip to the public fishing lake i was super excited so i raced downstairs.When we arrived at the lake i said to my uncle “How many fish do you think you will catch”said Amelia.”I think i’m going to catch more than you lets do a challenge”.”Sure” said Amelia.All of sudden my uncle caught a fish and it was  super heavy so he fell in i tried to help him but i couldn’t reach him.But the rest of the day i enjoyed .Out of me and my uncle i caught the most fish i got 9 fish Sam got 1 fish.I had a great time!!!!


The end !!!!

8 thoughts on “Going fishing with my Uncle”

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed how you used the prompt. I like the fact that you made dialouge fit into your piece. I can’t wait to see what you do for the next promt!

    1. Hi Allie,thank you for commenting on my post its really kind of you i cant wait to think about a new idea!.

      Amelia D

  2. Hi I really liked it but next time can you try righting a little more. cant wait for the next one!

    1. Hello Skylar,thank you so much for commenting on this post i really have to improve my writing next time thank you.

      Amelia D

  3. I think that that was a great 100 word ch! but at the end you forgot to make the I a uper case letter so try to think about that more. but I really liked all the detail you put in the story.

    from Annalissa from Stillwater New York

    1. Hi Annalissa, thank you for the comment your right i really need to improve my spellings i really appreciate the comment thank you.

      Amelia D

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