Good day turned to bad

I woke up to another day of adventures with my best friends Amy and Annabel and guess what it’s snowing.The snow is like a enchanted magical world.I got dressed as quick as I can and went to get Amy and Annabel.We all went to the magical forest that had tall ,skinny trees the weather was bitter but freashing.We where half way into the woods when the buetiful big flakes of snow disappeared and turned into dull rain.As the weather changed,are happy smiling faces changed into dull soggy faces. The snow was turning to slush.We all said goodbye to each other and went inside.Maybe the crisp magical snow will come back again.

6 thoughts on “Good day turned to bad”

  1. Well done, it was a brilliant piece of writing. Good use of adjectives and verbs. We enjoyed reading this 100 word challenge. Can’t wait to read your next peice of writing. Maybe make sure it makes sense next time.

    Pupils of Friday Bridge Primary School
    Macy and Amelia!

  2. Amelie,

    I really enjoyed your use of descriptive language, particularly when writing about the snow and the forest. Just remember to watch your spacing after full stops next time. Well done for being a showcase this week.

  3. Amelie,

    I really enjoyed reading your story, especially the descriptive language used about the forest. Next time, don’t forget to double check your spellings before you post your story.

    Well done on being a showcase this week, the hard work has payed off!

  4. Hello Amelie,
    You have used a lot of descriptive words, which made me want to continue reading. Just be careful of the spacing after a full stop. Next time, remember to edit your work to avoid any silly mistakes. I really enjoyed reading this!
    Well done for getting your work shown on this 100 word challenge!

  5. What a lovely piece of writing Amelie! Your wide range of adjectives and verbs created some fantastic imagery. Try to practice re-reading your work to check for any spelling and grammar mistakes.

    You clearly have a talent for creative writing, keep it up!

  6. Great work Amelie!

    You have included some fantastic adjectives that make the reader feel as though they are actually in the story. I particularly like your use of the phrase “the magical forest that had tall ,skinny trees the weather was bitter but freashing”. Make sure that you proof read your work to make sure that all the vocabulary is spelt correctly.
    Overall, I a great piece of writing! You have managed to include great detail in only 100 words – Well done!

    Congratulations on being selected for the showcase.
    Best wishes from the UK.

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