BANG BANG BANG mum heard from upstairs. “Owen do be quiet ,”  shouted mum from down stairs. BANG BANG BANG  .Owen was 8 years old , had green eyes and Dirty blond hair. He had got grounded on Monday for hitting his baby sister now it was Tuesday and Owen did not like it at all. He had been banging all night and mum was fed up with it “fine come down stairs and play with your baby sister for a bit in the garden,” Mum soon heard the  foot steps coming down stairs. Owen was angry. He got a bone rubber ball, which was grey, and stared playing with it .

One thought on “Grounded”

  1. Owen certainly sounds like quite a character Millie. You’ve done a great job of painting a picture of him in so few words – what he looked like, how he behaved, the kinds of things he got up to. I think you’ve also introduced some really interesting and tricky topics – should his mum allowed him to carry on ‘banging’ all night? Should she have allowed him downstairs and go out to play? Should Owen be angry at being punished for hitting his sister? Or perhaps we haven’t heard the whole story …?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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