The Handy Dandy Man

One day there was a boy  called Fred he always dreamed of being a superhero.Fred is aged 7 so he goes to school.At his school it was dress up day , but no ordinary day you had to dress up what you wanted to be when your older.So of course Fred came to school in a hand costume and said he was some kinda superhero.His mum said he could be called the “handy dandy man “. 13 years later …So now Fred is 20 years old  he still wants to be a hero so he put up posters everywhere saying if in need of a hero call the handy dandy man so everyone called him and now he is on tv, you tube and more and he is very popular now .The End

3 thoughts on “The Handy Dandy Man”

  1. Hey Amelia,
    I like how you created a strong character and managed to give lots of information about him in just 100 words. You write with a chatty style and this is really suitable for this text. I would say this feels rather like the blurb on the back of a book rather than a story itself. This is probably because you have covered a huge period of time – age 7 to 20 in just 100 words. Next time try focusing on just one event in your story plan rather than all of them – in a flashback perhaps?

    Thank you
    Debbie Team100, Bristol, England

  2. Good work! I like that you showed Fred in the future, still wanting to be a superhero. I like the creative way you made the hand in the prompt be a costume, not a alien species. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Amelia! I really liked the title it because it really hooked me in. So he seems like he wanted to be a handy man to help fix things to become a “superhero”. He seems like a very fun guy to be around. I enjoyed your story very much. Does he have any sidekicks? I have a connection to the world because there are millions of handy mans all over the world.
    Happy writing Jack in Illinois !

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