Holiday in Spain Disaster !

One day there was a girl called Ellouise and her and her sister  went to Spain on holiday.While they  were at the beach they  swam with dolphins.Ellouise has a younger sister called Amelia.Amelia was a naughty cheeky girl!.They both swam with dolphins on a monday afternoon they were very excited . Until …. Ellouise slipped on a bunch of pebbles underwater and her foot was bleeding.Its a holiday disaster.( True story appart from the slipping on pebbles part ) !!

2 thoughts on “Holiday in Spain Disaster !”

  1. Hey Amelia,
    You know me in class and I read your story and wow it is funny because Ellouise is your big sister and your a naughty little girl but great story!
    Fantastic punctuation in there!

    Well Done Amelia D!!

  2. Amelia just stop doing so good writing, it was funny because you did go on holiday to Spain

    From Nicola M

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