Holiday time

SQWEAK THUMP HISS ROAR the zoo chattered as all the animals escaped from the zoo to go on holiday.They whizzed of in the car all the way to the beach.Awesome said rana the tiger cub as she jumped onto the soft sand.Norman the  elephant got out the car and started to unload it.While he was doing that all the other animals got into there swim suits ready to play in the sea.Now what do I need said sleepy the panda.Oh year I need my rubber ducky.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK! They cried as they ran to the sea and jumped in.weeeee weeee weeeee yay .

One thought on “Holiday time”

  1. Dear Annabelle,
    Your story was amazing and it was fun reading it i hope you write more stories like this one.

    From Ma Myat Way

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