One day there was a girl named Holly. Holly was so excited because it was her birthday in three days . That day, Holly posted all of her invitations.¬† The next day, Holly’s friend Amber got the invitation in the post. Amber begged her mum if she could go to Holly’s swimming party, her mum finally¬† said “yes”, Amber joyfully jumped with excitement because she loved swimming. The day before the party, Holly and her mum filled the party bags. Holly said to her mum”mummy is it my party tomorrow?” Holly was so happy that she could not sleep all night. Finally, the day arrived, it was time for her party and people started to arrive. Holly’s swimming party was in a huge white building. Holly’s mum served the cake that she’d made, she put a big splarkler that had flames coming out of it. Holly was so happy because she got to celebrate the night with her friends.