Home Alone

Today, the most exciting day ever, my parents and I are going to Florida and can not wait to get on the plane and go, but. My step sister is coming and my parents love her a lot more then they love me and they won’t even pay a little bit of attention to me. Any way I have got the best idea ever. I’m going to pretend to be ill and vomit and hopefully they will cancel the flight and none of us would go. But wasn’t i wrong about that, they left me with my next door neighbour. Not that it was worse enough staying with someone I hardly know, she’s elderly to. It told me that day that my parents do not care about me even one percent they care about Sam (my step sister). I found an old, small television in the wrecked, broken cupboard and plugged it in and watch a programme about a zoo. I just sat there and thought about it if it would of been alright going to Florida or not. I HATE my parents!