How Dangerous Are Snakes.

Hi Im snake Inspector James and for years I have been catching wild snakes. Today Im going to tell you a story of when I was In Africa so here we go  It was a hot scorching day and I was in the rain forest when i saw a massive red python on the grass. With my net I swept It up before it could run away. When I got back I looked at the time and It was 1o,oclock so I had to  go back  but I had  an awesome time there and I would never ever forget It.

2 thoughts on “How Dangerous Are Snakes.”

  1. Nice story, Matthew! I like how you used the words that were part of the prompt. I like how you introduced yourself and you said you will tell us a story of when you were in Africa.

  2. Hi Mathew,
    I enjoyed reading your story today. I liked how the main character was a snake inspector. I bet you don’t like snakes. I don’t like them that much ether. Something I noticed in your story is that you put the word “oclock.” You were supposed to have clock in your story. Before I go I have a question. How did you come up with the story taking place in Africa?

    Happy Writing!
    Brett in Illinois!
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