How Sassy my Mom is in Real Life Copy

My Mom is amazing at making fish and chips at my Mom and Dad’s fish n chip shop in St Neots in Cambridgeshire and also my mom and dad have two shops in Eaton Socon and one shop in Eynesbury. Everytime we go shopping in Birmingham or Milton Keynes, my Mom will let me have anything at any shop, but MY MOM LET ME HAVE MY SLIDERS IN JD! My Mom is from Birmingham, Walsall. My Dad is from Scotland, Glasgow, I love my Dad’s accent as well and in real life always says CHEERIO! Mom always gets everything that I always want however, if I am doing well in school or I get could get too many things on my birthday. Sometimes, if I wanted to get  jeans for an example she sometimes says no because it’s not the right size. Maybe I think she doesn’t like it, but I really want to buy it and it depends what my Mom always say she’ll maybe get it in my birthday or in Christmas. Still, my Mom is very nice and kind, if you wanted Nike for Christmas or on your Birthday she’ll always get it for me. Where my Mom is from, she is very SASSY.

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