There once was a girl who had a pet snake called Hunter.But Hunter wasn’t any old snake he was a very rare species of red snake.He could climb walls, hide well and he could even tell the time on a clock.It was one o’clock in the morning which Hunter knew so he put his tail up when he heard his owner going for a cycle round the block.Hunter then put his tail back up and slid it in the lock he twisted it round and the cage opened before his eyes.He escaped!When his owner got back she looked all around but couldn’t find him….

3 thoughts on “Hunter”

  1. I liked your use of ellipsis to build tension, and that you ended on a cliffhanger.
    Did you notice that you didn’t put a space after the full stops and the exclamation mark? There was great descriptive writing here.

  2. Hey Hannah I liked your piece. I wrote one of these. You should come check my story out. Next time don’t forget to use 100 words. I also liked that you used all the words. You should come check out my blog and my classmates. Why did the snake escape?

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