Dear Diary,

In a big black box, yesterday, I moved into a brand new wooden white home. I wasn’t the only book moving in, there was lots of other me too!

Earlier this morning,  it was my turn to be read. I stepped up on to the bed, exited. About five minutes later, Ben, my user  walked in. Nervous, I waited for my words to come out of his mouth.

Luckily, I got the better of my nerves and soon enjoyed being read. I Loved all the big grins and smiles on Ben’s face.

When I had finished, I jumped down off the big blue bed. “OWWWWW” I squealed. Page number 13 of me had been ripped!

“Whats the matter?” Ben said to me in a low-tone gentle voice. I turned myself to the ripped page and said nothing. Ben then said “No problem,” and taped me up as good as new.