I Am A Robot

Hi, am a robot. I am fighting in a robot war in another dimension from you… the reader. Lots of scratches cover my body, but luckily I am a robot and I can’t feel anything. My colour is red and so are the rest of my friends. Right now I am fighting one of the strongest robots in the other army. Oh no! I have just been hit by the robot and I’m flying to wards Earth. I’m in your atmosphere and now I am on fire! 5..4..3..2..1.. CRASH. Oh, I landed on a tree . What, where are my legs!

To finish off I am just going to say… his legs were very far away.

One thought on “I Am A Robot”

  1. Great job James!
    I really like this story. I like how you were able to make a story while still containing describing words for the robot. Great job!
    -Maya E.

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