I Droped It

one day there lived a boy called Larry and he was the most richest person alive  so he bought the biggest mug ever and he gave it to his son Barry and he could carry it so he carryed it all day out side the next day he didnt see the mug he thout it was with Barry little did he know it was  out side beeing berred so he went to the shops too get some food  and he came home and the house door was locked so he went round the back and he seen the pot and it was as dirty as moldy cheeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

2 thoughts on “I Droped It”

  1. Cool post Sam! I liked your post because it was quick and simple. If you added a lot of detail, this post could’ve taken me forever to read! I also like how you make different characters every time you make a new post. Nice job!

  2. Best post Sam! Once there was my large winnie the pooh large mug in the house, I had to make tea for my dad and suddenly, once I was walking around I dropped my large mug, phew now my dad doesn’t know that I still have that winnie the pooh mug.
    Your story is fantastic Sam, better than my story really.

    Well Done Sam!

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