I like turtles

Once upon a time,there was a turtle called Frederick he was no ordinary turtle in the beginning he was just a little turtle.Now he is 18  and he can drive a car his car is a Lamborghini aventador,One day fredericks father asked him” how old are you now”?he said 18 and his dad called his mum.Frederick was born in 2000  his birthday was tomorrow,tomorrow he will be 19 years old!!!!!! His dad was 40 and his mum was 41.His favourite thing about his birthday was presents, his main thing was a MGP VX7 it’s the second fastest scooter in the world then it was some football boots.


One thought on “I like turtles”

  1. Hi Aiden I really thinked I like turtles is the best thing for a title because your story is funny and you know I keep on saying your story is funny but it is funny.

    From Reena R!

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