If I Was The P.M.

Once, I was watching the news. It was a special about Brexit. I wasn’t very interested, but my dad just kept watching. Every two minutes, I would ask my dad to TURN IT OFF. But he wouldn’t listen any of the hundreds of times I asked him. I decided to think of what I could do. So I thought “But what if I was in charge of the country”.

So these are the things I thought of what I could do:

I could make up my own rules for the country. Like children do not have to go to school, children make up the school rules, and finally children can’t get told off. I thought that was a bit too much for children. Maybe adults can have a day off.

I said to my dad again,”Can we turn it off.” He didn’t listen.

One thought on “If I Was The P.M.”

  1. Hi James!
    I thought your story was a creative spin on the prompt. I noticed that your story was over 100 words, so maybe in the future you can work on narrowing that down a bit. Otherwise, you did a great job creating a great story that was entertaining and mysterious for the reader.
    -Maya E.

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