as I ternd arownd and it changed shape

The shape wird. I was in the park with my frens when I sor a shape on the grownd. But then it changed shape now I was confused I said to my firens “look at this” they were shoced like me .I ran but were ever I went it followd me I was freeked out now. I hit it with a stone but that did nothing what so ever.I ran home anfd loked myself in my bedroom. But all it did was follow me something came out and It got me be caful it is still out there ready NO.

3 thoughts on “as I ternd arownd and it changed shape”

  1. Hi William, very good story there but it’s your capital letters and foot stops but really spelling corrections. But well done there William the story made me laugh

    Well done William!

  2. Hi, William! Your story was suspenseful and entertaining. It was a great idea to describe the shape as it moved around, because it created a mysterious theme. Great work!

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