I was in CHARGE!

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Joe.Joe was always getting told what to do.He thought to himself its not fare why can’t i tell them what to do for once!One day he went for walk in a forest and saw this shiny gem Joe picked it up and brought it back to his home when he got back to his homeĀ  his mum and dad said clean your bedroom now! Then he did when he touched the gem 5 times it got more shiny.When Joe went down stairs and everybody was doing what he said. It was amazing his wish came true when he said to a police can i drive your car and the police said yes i driven it to the best toy shop in the world and he took lots of money and bought every thing THE END

2 thoughts on “I was in CHARGE!”

  1. Well done Joe. You wrote a lovely piece of work and I really liked the fact that even the police did what you asked them to do! Perhaps next time you could double check your spellings. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great job! You used the prompt very well. Also, I like how you made the story flip. One time Joe was ordered to do things, but then he ordered people to do things for him. One way you can improve is by adding more punctuation such as commas and periods.

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