So That is Why I’m Always Last

The dreadful World War 2 has begun rationing has started and everyone is in their dull ,boring silent house waiting for the deafening sound of the planes flying by. However I am not one of those people I actually try and save this country by fighting other country’s. My life is crazy an  I am getting older now so keeping up with the group is definitely a struggle. Being part of the war is a very life risking, scary experience for me and my family as you never know what could happen especially  when your an old man.So that is why I’m always last.

3 thoughts on “So That is Why I’m Always Last”

  1. Great work! I really enjoyed your story this week. It’s an original take on the prompt and you’ve done a great job incorporating the prompt into the subject of World War II. (Don’t forget to check your spellings!)
    Great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c Dublin

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