Is There A Ghost!!!!!

One day, I was in a shop buying Christmas things. It was dark and no one was about. There was only about fifteen people in the shop, it was so wierd infact it was really wierd. I did see some fady people outiside. My friend Hannah went shopping with me and I said to her “Hannah do you see the three people who look a bit like ghosts out there”.She said “No”. Any way the people I saw were really creepy because they were there but Now¬† There Gone. The next day I went to the park with my two kids called Lila and Teddy. While they were playing on the swings, I think I saw a ghost!!!

One thought on “Is There A Ghost!!!!!”

  1. Dear Amelia,

    You did an excellent job, and it was a very nice story. I would just say that you should double check your spelling, and maybe put some spaces in between your words. But other than that, you did a very good job!

    Sincerely, Melissa

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