Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress… We were at an intense football match, the team were so close to scoring a goal. Although we were all screaming down the field, the team scored. All of us were so unhappy that they had conceded. Out of nowhere, we scored, we were so happy, emotions filled the air.It was a draw at the moment the game was so intense at this moment , they going to lose or draw. It was coming to the last couple of minutes of the game we were all like there no going to score, IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE WE SCORED AND WE HAD ONE THE CUP FINAL. I never cry but this day I did.


2 thoughts on “ITENSE FOOTBALL GAME !”

  1. Hi Poppy,
    You have made good use of the prompt. I particularly enjoyed the way you layered each new thought and idea on top of the next one – it really felt like we were with you watching the match from moment to moment.
    Well done
    Ms. M. Team 100WC. Sydney, Australia

  2. Hey Poppy, I really enjoyed your piece and how you used good descriptive words and you made the story interesting to read. Something I can relate to in your story is I have been to a football game before. One thing I think you can improve on is not putting half of the story in uppercase letters, although there was one thing I think that you could improve on I really liked your story.
    Well done, Hayley from Illinois

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