karate trees

I am a tree that can move and walk and talk  but I am disguised as a normal tree . There are lots of other trees like me but nobody knows about us . We live in groups of three with our close family . We come out of shape on a Sunday when the park is shut . The parents are always practising karate but the kids have their own group . We all love karate and we’re all really good at it . My favourite  move is the cunning kick . In this move you kick with both legs to leave the opponent in pain .

One thought on “karate trees”

  1. Good work! I like that you made it in first person. Also, I like that you disguise as a normal tree. Another thing that I like is that you described the specific karate move that you like. Remember that a space is put after a punctuation and not before the punctuation. Keep up the good work!

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