Land of da ZOMBIES.

It was the day we have all been waiting for and how do i know well.I was taking my dog for a walk and we come across a small lake with lots of plants in it, then in the middle of the lake I see legs poking out of the river.HUMAN legs I run so fast , i cant even see my leg moving and then i get into my house. I feel so scared my legs begin to shake and i get a very strong head eacke  and then boom i fall on to the floor in shock.

2 thoughts on “Land of da ZOMBIES.”

  1. Amazing job Matthew! I love how you capitalized all the letters in the word zombies. I like how you also capitalized all the letters in the word human. It is paranormal that human legs are poking out. That is really bizarre. I also like the onomatopoeia that you used. “Boom I fall onto the floor in shock.” Nice story.

  2. Great story Matt loved it but it looks a bit odd because the rest of the title is in capitle letter and theres one word thats not in capitle letter 🙂

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