The Light Bulb Mystery

I went to a park one day, when I saw a broken light bulb on the floor. I decided to investigate. So I looked on the floor, I saw a leakage of colourful beads. Inside the river of beads was a small man with white clothing. He was calling,”Help oh help!” So I bent down closer. I answered back,”Are you ok?” He said,”I’m ok it’s just that my house smashed and !” I had a look at some of the colours. There were the colours: yellow, dark green, light green, ┬ádark pink, light pink, blue and white. “I’ll fix it, don’t worry.”

2 thoughts on “The Light Bulb Mystery”

  1. Hi James! I liked how you used dialogue in the good areas for dialouge. I also liked how you used a lot of details in the story. Overall, I really liked your post.

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